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Our Process

Vanguard Investments, Inc. has a unique, state-of-the-art marketing system that has generated unmatched results for their clients. The foundation for this process is rooted in accountability and proactive, personal contact from Vanguard to the investment community. However, a lot happens before a property ever makes it to the market.

The Proposal

Property values change frequently and unlike securities, an investor can not just open a newspaper to see today’s value. Our solution is a comprehensive analysis, which we refer to as a Proposal. We underwrite the asset by using a sophisticated cash flow model to derive the current market value. Then we identify the strengths and weaknesses of the property, as well as some opportunities for our client to enhance the value. We also perform a return on equity analysis which allows the client to compare their current cash flow with that of several other available alternative investments. The vast majority of the time a Proposal is completed, the property analyzed is not ready to be marketed. When a property is ready for marketing, we move to the next step in the process.

Customized Marketing Schedule

Before the asset is brought to the market, a customized marketing plan is developed for each property with a timeline projecting each action step to be taken in the marketing the project. One of our core values is accountability and the marketing schedule is our written commitment to the client, as well as a roadmap to a successful closing.

Professional Photography & Graphic Design

Institutional quality marketing materials lend credibility to a property being marketed and can help increase the level of interest and awareness as well. Vanguard has a full-time professional photographer and graphic designer on staff to make sure that every property is positioned in its best light. We are committed to excellence in all phases of the marketing process and every property, regardless of the size or class, is treated like an institutional Offering!

Individual Property Website

After a property is listed, an individual website is created for the asset. The sole purpose of the unique website is to present the investment overview and showcase property photos.

Tracked E-Marketing

Immediately after a property has been placed on the market, a customized eBlast is created, featuring the investment highlights and multiple links to some limited financial information and the individual property website. Through state-of-the-art technology, we are able to track who views each eBlast. More importantly we monitor which investors clicked on the embedded links, as that demonstrates a potentially higher level of interest. From this list we proactively call each investor who clicked on any links embedded in the e-mail to personally promote the investment opportunity. This always leads to a substantial amount of interest in the property and frequently the ultimate buyer is found from our distinctive, hands-on approach.

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