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Vanguard Investments, Inc

Vanguard Investments, Inc provides multi-family brokerage services for property owners in Los Angeles County. Vanguard and its principal Arthur H. Arejian have been involved in Real Estate Brokerage since 1991. The Company is based in Universal City, California. Vanguard provides exclusive seller represntation and was founded on the principle of creating value for sellers based on market knowledge, access to the largest pool of qualified investors and exchange buyers, with a system of creating the broadest possible exposure for every property.


Commonly referred to as the "value of representation" this service approach has resulted in several unique features and client benefits found at Vanguard Investements.


Vanguard has a comprehensive approach to research and marketing. Our database of properties covers all owners of multi-family properties county wide in Los Angeles, inclduign a digital photo library of all properties in Los Angeles County. We pride ourselves with deep market knowledge. Vanguard's financial model for multi-family properties, opinion of values, and marketing packages are institutional quality, and analytic tools for evaluating equity proposals tailored to each specific asset are state of the art.


All of our resources and support systems are tailored to understanding investment trends and serving investors' needs. Our track record has resulted in the accumulation of extensive market knowledge, expertise in property valuation and positioning, creating marketing momentum thorugh exposure and proactive transaction management.


Whether you are actively pursuing the sale of your real estate asset(s) or interested in maximizing returns during ownership, Vanguard's unique market knowledge can help create value. Our extensive local market knowledge and property-type expertise enable us to advice owners on precision market pricing, property positioning and creating long-term investment strategies that support wealth generation and preservation. Upon listing a property, various databases are utilized to match the property with the most likely potential buyers locally, regionally, or nationally.


Direct offering memorandums and promotional matrerials are utilzied to present the investment opportunity. Our investment professionals also match each listing with their personal databses and immediately contact qualified buyers whose requirements match the particular property. After specific investors are identified, a direct marketing campaign is initiated, followed by personal follow-up to all potential buyers.


We pride ourselves with product and market knoweldge, always focused on achieving highest market price for Seller cleints through a specialized marketing approach unique to the market place in the broekrage environment.




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